from the algorythm to the individual diagnosis

Contributors to this site and members of our evaluation team

Our work Thyroid CD 1.0 was published in 1999. The homepage follows the structure and the essence of this work. The authors of Thyroid CD 1.0 were T. Solymosi, Gy. Lukacs Toth, I. Gal and M. Bodo.

The clinical investigation, the cytological and sonographic examinations were performed by myself in all of these cases. Nevertheless, I am only one member of our team. I am very thankful to my colleagues for the possibility to work with them for more than 25 years.

Dr. Gyula Lukacs Toth, MD is the leading pathologist in our team. He is the head of the Department of Pathology, Bugat Hospital, Gyöngyös. I think that in the case of thyroid disorders the fundamental is the pathology and therefore the pathologist. His work serves as a really very stable fundamental of the evaluation and therapy of our patients. Dr. Lukacs Toth has been performed more than 10,000 thyroid histopathological evaluations which means an extremely high degree of experience in this field.

Dr. Istvan Gal, MD, PhD is the surgeon who has an extreme experience in thyroidology. Ha operated more than 5,000 patients with thyroid disorders. He was the former Head of Department of Surgery Bugat Hospital, Gyöngyös. This time he works in Robert Karoly Private Hospital.

Dr. Laszlo Budai, MD, Dr. Peter Ferencz, MD and Dr. Istvan Kovacs, MD are those surgeons who follow the more than 50-year tradition in the Surgical Department Bugat Pal

Hospital, Gyöngyös. This tradition is best characterized by a more than 15,000 thyroid operations since 1960.

Dr. Andras Boer, MD, PhD (National Institute of Oncology, Budapest) and Dr. Miklos Gondos, MD (Honved Hospital, Budapest) are those surgeons who operate a significant part of our patients.

Dr. Dezso Nagy, MD is not only my colleague but also a good friend. He is not only a thyroidologist but the expert of nuclear medicine. He performs the scintigraphy and the radioiodine therapy in our patients.

I am very thankful to my teachers. I have learnt thyroid cytology from Professor Miklos Bodo and his former coworkers, Dr. Erika Szerjan, Dr. Vera Toth and Dr. Zoltan Sapi, DSc. Dr. Jeno Nagy, MD, Dr. Lajos Pakozdi, MD and Dr. Erzsebet Kosa, MD were my masters when I learnt thyroidology.

Professor Istvan Szabolcs, DSc was my PhD supervisor.

For ten years I work together with Dr. Attila Augusztin, M.D. in outpatient departments of Kenessey Albert Hospital, Balassagyarmat, Szt. Erzsebet Hospital, Jaszbereny and in private thyroid outpatient departments in Budapest, Gyöngyös and Jaszbereny.